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Greetings fellow travelers and space junkies.
You have arrived here via the ethernet and most likely were redirected to this page via some strange sci-fi fantasy nut case who believes they are the next generation author for the masses. We hope all is well with you as you browse the FootNotes to see who has written what and how they can entertain you. Please feel free to click through all the links. You will find some interesting drama both to astound and amaze and the bottom line is simply to make you feel good. Okay, perhaps some of these tomes of madness and mayhem might not do that, but then again, they are worth the look.
Please, put us on auto-rewind-pilot thing-a-magiggy and visit with us again. Remember, we bring you those unknown authors who have worked diligently to bring you perhaps some of the best unknown works in the world today.

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. We highly recommend this read. Some of these authors are top notch and we’re even puzzled why those big boys in New York have passed them by. But, hey, such is life.
Remember, browsing is free and won’t cost you anything while you’re here unless you decided that after reading all the rave reviews you have to have a couple of these great books. Take your time, get some coffee and relax. Enjoy the net-time and see who you might add to your library.
Thanks again for visiting and come again real soon!